Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon Whiskey (750 mL)

Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon Whiskey
(750 mL)

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About the Whiskey:

A whiskey gets its color and character from the cask in which it ages and matures. This Double Cask whiskey goes through the process twice. The first five years of maturation in a new charred oak barrel makes it a bourbon. That bourbon then experiences secondary maturation in decades-old casks seasoned by Pedro Ximenez sherry that adds a touch of sweetness, and yields a smooth and impressively complex spirit.

Mash Bill: 68% Corn, 20% Wheat, 12% Malted Barley

100 Proof


COLOR: copper to mahogany

NOSE: autumnal notes of dried apricot, mission fig, and dried date

PALATE: stewed prune and black raisin, with hints of candied orange peel; vanilla butter cream and toffee underneath

MOUTHFEEL: rich, sticky cinnamon roll with raisins and spice

FINISH: dark dried fruit, followed by warming brown baking spices


"Pale gold in color. Generous oak imparts honeycomb, white chocolate, vanilla custard, and some mint notes that hint of a delicate, pretty bourbon. The palate is a bit deeper, displaying chocolate, berry fruit, and Bit-O-Honey candy; quite confectionary with sweet marshmallow fluff. A pleasing and interesting whiskey worth trying." - Whisky Advocate
"This is a bright, lively whiskey that morphs throughout the sip. It starts with a grassy, apple pie/green apple aroma that has an herbal undertone. It transitions towards sweet on the palate, with green grape, dried cherry, and raisin with a hint of vanilla custard. Finally, it takes a turn into rich, deeper flavors with dark fruits, plum, and raisin with a long cinnamon-spice finish topping things off. Ultimately it’s a fun play on sherry cask finishing." - Breaking Bourbon

"A dark rich mahogany color in my glass evidencing the romantic dance in a sherry cask for finishing. The nose bursts with sweet dried fruits and candied fig jelly. The Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask has a wonderful aroma which I could nose for hours. On the palate I experience a saucy, rich and syrupy juice reminding me of butter sautéed mulberries with hints of vanilla, dried raisins and orange candy sprinkles. The finish is intensely warm and long with notes of oak, more dried fruit, fig jelly and fresh-ground cinnamon spice. This whiskey is just plain good and it’s exciting for me to see this smaller distillery growing." - The Whiskey Reviewer