Vinous Obscura &
Vinous Obscura &

Vinous Obscura 'Merci Andre Jacquinet' Garanoir & Regent 2022
(Willamette Valley, Oregon)

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From the Winery:
This co-fermentation is mostly Garanoir with a splash of Regent. You’ve probably never heard of these grapes and before the 2018 vintage, I hadn’t either. Now, I think they have incredible potential in Oregon. Especially, if you are committed to organic farming as both of these grapes are resistant to powdery mildew.

Have you ever hiked in the Alps in the Spring or early Summer? The mountain flowers are in bloom along with the sweet smell of pine tips are in the air. The wild blueberries are just starting to ripen. If you pick some, make sure you wash them off in rushing glacial run off. Yeah, that is what this wine tastes like. It smells and tastes like a early summer hike in the Alps. Now, go put on your most comfortable hiking boots and crack open a bottle of this wine.

ABV: 11.2%