Starward Australian Single Malt Whiskey Lagavulin Cask Finish 700 mL (Melbourne, Australia)

Starward Australian Single Malt Whiskey Lagavulin Cask Finish 700 mL
(Melbourne, Australia)

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About the whiskey:

We took our juicy, signature Single Malt whisky (aged three years in red wine barrels) and finished it for a further 18 months in the deliciously peated Scotch barrels from world renowned, Lagavulin Distillery.

The World Renowned Lagavulin Distillery

With a passionate following of whisky enthusiasts worldwide, Lagavulin is known for their iconic peated Single Malt Scotch whisky. We admire their meticulous approach to crafting their world-famous smoky flavor. 

Discovering Islay 

Nestled on the rugged coast of Scotland, Islay is surrounded by salty seas and big coastal winds. Lagavulin's distinctive Islay malt is influenced by the surrounding climate, reaffirming that the very best whiskies reflect the place they're made.

Aged in Melbourne 

Like the climate of Scotland, the Melbourne climate influences the maturation of our whiskies. Melbourne’s notorious four seasons in a day makes our barrels contract and expand, allowing our whisky to dynamically extract all the delicious flavor of the Lagavulin barrels.

Tasting Notes: 

The tropical notes of our award-winning red wine cask aged whisky meets the rich and earthy coastal peat from the Lagavulin barrels.

Nose / Charred pineapple and fresh nectarine with a touch of coastal peat

Palate / Tropical fruits combined with delicate black tea. Rich and gently smoky

Finish / Dry yet fruity, with toasted oak finish


"The nose opens with just a whiff of peat, but notes of apple crumble and honey soon take over. Take a sip and the palate opens with sweet berry and red-wine flavors followed by bursts of sweet tropical fruit, like grilled pineapple and mango. All this is underscored by tendrils of smoke that curl up at the start of each sip and slowly expand on the finish. There are also notes of black pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, peach, and bright citrus on the palate that round it out and add complexity. Well balanced with equal parts smoke and sweetness. The palate is peaty enough for those who crave a fuggy style of whisky, but the initial red-wine-barrel maturation provides a fruity freshness. A subtly smoky single malt worth trying." - Robb Report

"Charred pineapple, fresh nectarine and a touch of coastal peat on the nose. The palate is rich and subtly smoky, with tropical fruits and hints of black tea, and it finishes dry and fruity, with toasted oak." - Forbes

"The combination of red wine influence and peat works, with a nose of raspberry jam, heather, honey, and a subtle peatiness. The taste starts off fruity and tart, then the Lagavulin influence comes in with peat smoke, heather, and a hint of brine while not overwhelming sweet notes of fresh berries. The finish is long and smoky, yet well-rounded with fruity character. Very nice!" - WhiskyCast