Nutmeg Whole (1.1 oz)

Nutmeg Whole
(1.1 oz)

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Nutmeg is native to the Moluccas, but is also cultivated in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and the West Indies.
Nutmeg has a very warm, highly aromatic sweetish taste. It is very similar to mace in aroma and taste.
Nutmeg is widely used in honey cakes, rich fruit cake, fruit desserts, and fruit punch. It goes well in stews and meat pies, and in most egg and cheese dishes. The Dutch add nutmeg to mashed potato, white cabbage, cauliflower and vegetable purees; to macaroni; to meat stews; and to fruit puddings. The Italians use the spice in mixed vegetables, in fillings and sauces for pasta, and in veal. The Europeans use nutmeg extensively in sweet and savory dishes. The Arabs add nutmeg to mutton and lamb and in India they are found mostly in Moghul dishes.