Mustard Seed Brown Whole (2.7 oz)

Mustard Seed Brown Whole
(2.7 oz)

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All mustards, and they are legion, derive from three members of the cabbage family, two of them closely related. The close relatives are nigra, or black mustard, which can grow as tall as 7 ft, and juncea, or brown mustard. Both plants bear small round seeds, although brown mustard has largely replaced the black type because its smaller size makes it easier to harvest. These mustards have the strongest flavor; black mustard in particular is prized for the distinctive taste it lends to the cuisines of India. The third mustard, alba, or white mustard, is native to the Mediterranean region and bears large yellowish seeds. This is the mustard that is grown with garden cress for salads, and it is the least pungent. White mustard is used extensively in the production of America prepared mustards, occasionally in English mustards, but not at all in Dijon mustards.