Fennel Salt (4.2 oz)

Fennel Salt
(4.2 oz)

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While finishing salts are the premier salt varieties, Fleur de Sel is the crme de la crme of finishing salts. Fleur de Sel literally translates to "Flower of Salt" and is often called the "caviar of salts" by chefs worldwide. True Fleur de Sel comes from the Gurande region of France, and is made up of only "young" crystals that form naturally on the surface of salt evaporation ponds. Paludiers (the salt harvesters of the Gurande region) carefully rake the salt crystals using only wooden tools, true to traditional Celtic methods. The weather conditions must be just right to produce a good Fleur de Sel harvest, and the process can only be completed once a year, in the summer. Also, similar to fine wine regions, different areas within Gurande produce salts with their own unique flavors and aroma profiles. Fleur de Sel is ideal for salads, cooked fresh vegetables and grilled meats.

ennel pollen comes from the small spindly-like flowers of fennel, which is the most potent form of fennel. The pollen has an aroma and flavor of fennel, but with far greater intensity. The pollen is used as a flavoring agent that instantly amps up the taste of food. In certain culinary circles, fennel pollen has garnered much attention as being a secret trendy ingredient. In fact, some equate this delicately flavored gold dust as an incredibly powerful spice with the zing of licorice, honey and citrus and nearly as valuable as gold dust.
Wild fennel blended with sea salt adds something extraordinary to cooking. Smell the fresh fennel and immediately you will relax into a sublime state of mind. The aroma is sweet and pungent, smelling intensely of everything that is superb about fennel. Now cook with it, and you will be amazed at how something ordinary can taste extraordinary. A touch of fennel sea salt on fish, pork or vegetables elevates the natural taste into great ones.

Ingredients: Sea salt fleur de sel, Fennel Pollen.

How to use flavored sea salt
With your sweet treats: Salt rounds out flavors not just in savory foods but sweet treats as well, and magnificently! Often balancing an overwhelming sweetness in caramel or the bitterness of dark chocolate, flavored sea salts awaken all the right parts of your dessert in ways that will oh-so-pleasantly surprise.

Over fine fish: If the meek shall inherit the Earth, these are the dishes of the new world: modestly garnished, aptly impactful, and beautiful in their simplicity. Besides being a bright, beautiful finishing salt for your seafood entre, flavored salts reinforce savory, yet subtle flavors. Try a flakey white fish lightly drizzled in a garlic chili sauce and garnished with Lime Fresco or Chili Verde sea salt. Enjoy plump sea scallops gently seared and then garnished with Vintage Merlot or Matcha sea salt.

With bread & cheese, please: To melt your cheese-mongering heart, try a creamy goat cheese, brie, or even just plain whipped cream cheese with our Fusion Sun-Ripened Tomato, Chipotle, or Wild Porcini sea salt; just avoid choosing a cheese that is already heavily salted like a Parmesan, Romano, or Asiago. A soft spreadable pub cheese is nice on a cracker but even better when its finished with Sriracha sea salt. And while the bread is right next to the cheese plate, you may as well sprinkle some Roasted Garlic Sea Salt or Black Truffle Sea Salt in the olive oil. Who needs dinner with this spread?
On meat & potatoes: Its no secret that salting meat before cooking retains its moisture, so Fusion all-naturally flavored sea salts season the way seasoning blends cant: productively. Flavor your rib eye with Espresso Brava, pork tenderloin with Vermont Maple, or chicken roast with Spanish Rosemary, all while preserving its natural juices for a multi-dimensional medley of flavor. Whether searing it into a sizzling flank or slowly permeating a braised lamb shank, this is melt-in-your-mouth goodness.
For noodle perfection: Think outside the jar of sauce! Noodle dishes deserve a little culinary creativity too, from Lo Mein to Linguini. Thai Ginger, Szechuan Pepper, and Spicy Curry sea salt coalesce nicely with Asian noodles in light soy marinades or a plum sauce sauted with crisp snow peas and julienned carrots. Not to be outdone, round out the rich flavors of Italian pasta dishes, too. Spanish Rosemary and Roasted Garlic complement any tomato base. For a dish more decadent than dessert, try Smoked Serrano on fettuccini alfredo or mac & cheese. Crank up the Creole heat with Ghost Pepper in a creamy Cajun pasta.
On leafy greens & hearty veggies: If salting salads seems peculiar, take heed my friend, the salads humble beginnings were merely a mix of salted greens and veggies. Furthermore, Salata in Latin means salty. Using sea salt on your salad rather than in the dressing provides a crisp crunch that doesnt overpower the fresh vegetables. Consider finishing your next salad with Lime Fresco, Toasted Onion, Chipotle, Lemon Twist, Sun Ripened Tomato, or Szechuan Pepper. Lightly salting your veggies with sea salt is a salad done the way salad was intended.

For a snackers delight: It must be instinctive: one sniff of Black Truffle sea salt and visions of fluffy, buttered white popcorn flood the human consciousness. Despite the many ways to enjoy Black Truffle sea salt, this snack alone is reason enough to embrace it. But its not our only treasured snacking sea salt. Spanish Rosemary, Jalapeno, or Smoked Serrano work magic on homemade pretzels. Try any of our hot varieties, like Habanero Heat or Sriracha sea salt, on guacamole, oven-roasted nuts, or get creative with your own Chex-Mix concoction.

Just for kicks: Some certainly do like it hot. And thats why we have six varieties of spicy salts, from just-a-hint of heat to yikes! Ease in with Sriracha or jalapeno or brave our hottest varieties: Ghost Pepper, second only to Venom. Try these sea salts on Buffalo wings, fajitas, creamy pasta dishes, nuts, cheese, eggsanything! Your favorite hot sauce just met its number one rival.