Clermont Steep Malted Barley American Single Malt Whiskey (Kentucky) [WA 91]

Clermont Steep Malted Barley American Single Malt Whiskey
(Kentucky) [WA 91]

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Proof: 94

This is Beam's new entre into the newly created category of American Single Malt Whisky, lead by Master Distiller Fred Noe. 

A Single Malt Whiskey from James B. Beam Distilling?
When you think single malt whiskey, you’re probably not thinking about American whiskey. And if you are, then you probably aren’t thinking about Beam. Beam is all about bourbon, and maybe some rye, right? Well, yes, but now they are about American Single Malts, too. Clermont Steep American Single Malt Whiskey is distilled and aged in Clermont, Kentucky, at the James B. Beam Distillery, just like many of Beam’s other whiskeys.

Clermont Steep is Different Than Other Single Malts:
Clermont Steep is different than many of the other American Single Malts. For instance, this whiskey is aged in new oak barrels that have been lightly toasted and lightly charred. How lightly charred? Well, to char level 1, to be exact. That’s the lowest level. For reference, most bourbons use char 3 and char 4 barrels and Beam uses char 4 for most of their bourbons.

While at the time of this writing, there is no actual legal standard for the American Single Malt style, the current proposal by the TTB simply states that it should be “… stored in oak barrels not exceeding 700 liters”. The proposal doesn’t mention whether the barrels must be new or used, charred or uncharred. In Scottish and Irish Single Malts, the barrels are most often previously used, and often times that first use was for bourbon. American Single Malts are a more diverse group, but Beam wanted theirs to have some of bourbon’s flavor characteristics. Using new charred oak barrels would add some similarity, and using the lighter char level would allow the softer malted barley flavors to shine through, as well.


91 Points - Whisky Advocate

"Baking bread, honey-wheat pretzels, candy shop, and hot chocolate on the nose. The palate is malty and chocolaty, with oats and honey, and burnt toast. A moderate-length finish is somewhat less sweet, with barrel char, dark chocolate, espresso beans, cinnamon, and pepper spice. Sweetness balanced with toast, char, and grain on the finish."

Best Malts Of 2023 - Breaking Bourbon

"Clermont Steep is a great “bridge whiskey” into the world of American single malts for those individuals who are used to drinking only bourbons or ryes. While it highlights its malt grain prominently, it never does so in a way that other American single malts are known to do. If you’ve never tried an American single malt before, Clermont Steep is a great whiskey to start with. The whiskey not only delivers a well-rounded sip that is full of classic malt flavors, but it does so in a really approachable manner for consumers."

"On the palate, there’s immediate caramel and honey; though aged in a low-level char barrel, the toasting (and likely Kentucky aging conditions) has certainly made an impact, and these flavors aren’t subdued. There’s vanilla extract (leaning toward medicinal) up front, which melts away to French Vanilla ice cream as the sweetness subdues and melds with other flavors across the tongue. There’s also grain present, but it’s hand-in-hand with the sweeter notes, and if anything reminiscent of Honey Nut Cheerios rather than the classic rendition. A thick mouthfeel coats the tongue fully, again emphasizing the sweeter notes and setting up a relatively lengthy finish." - Drinkhacker

"There is a lot of butterscotch on the palate, along with the expected toasted malt, vanilla and caramel notes. Slightly on the sweeter side for an ASM, this is certainly an approachable (and likable) entry into the category — and yes, you might say this is the American Single Malt for bourbon fans." - Inside Hook