Rubissow Syrah 2012 (Mount Veeder, Napa Valley, California)

Rubissow Syrah 2012
(Mount Veeder, Napa Valley, California)

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Notes from the Winemaker:
The robust Syrah vine is perfectly at home on Mt. Veeder. It LOVES it here. The rugged mountain conditions are ideal to inspire the vines to produce grapes as flavorful as can be.

The first sip brings a swoon to the heart and a tear to the eye. Really. It’s sort of a sweet sadness. Wine is a fleeting joy. Each bottle is finite. Like the way you feel when you see Yosemite for the first time, or when you first cross the Golden Gate Bridge. A rush to the head. An experience of something greater. A sense of pure delight. A sense of our fleeting place in time. Great wines can (and should) do that. We think that within the history of our estate this is one of them.. On a practical level the wine is bright, yet sultry, rich, spicy, meaty and savory-sweet. Syrah always carries these flavors in varying degrees. Here, winemaker Tim MIlos crafts an elegant balance of depth, richness and pure full-throttle Mt. Veeder terroir.