Josef Rosch Riesling  Auslese *** Trittenheimer Apotheke 2006 [500ml] (Mosel, Germany)

Josef Rosch Riesling Auslese *** Trittenheimer Apotheke 2006 [500ml]
(Mosel, Germany)

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About the winery:
Founded in 1825 with 22 acres of vines, Rosch is considered one of the blue-chip wine estates from the Mosel. The vineyard is situated in Trittenheim, about 30 km downwards the river Mosel from Trier, the old Roman city, and 25 km upwards from the idyllic small town Bernkastel Kues. Trittenheim lies on a peninsula, from which Mosel flows around. At the right side of Mosel, opposite the village, is the world-famous steep hill "Trittenheimer Apotheke", in which the vineyard preserves and maintains its largest occurrence of old Riesling vines. Trittenheimer Apotheke is one of the best vineyards of the middle Mosel, the steep slate slopes always creating wines that are beautifully elegant.

The winery today is run by Werner Rosch. He is as consistent and reliable as a German automobile. You can depend on his ability to make classic middle Mosels year in and year out regardless of vintage conditions. These racy, vibrant Rieslings are a mirror of his contagious energy. His wines show typical Mosel elegance and finesse, as well as pronounced minerality. The wines are crystal clear, crisp on the finish, and have enough acidity to preserve them comfortably for at least 20 years.

This is an Auslese that has no botrytis whatsoever, so what stands out in the wine is pure, clean fruit. The texture is creamy with wonderful orchard fruits of peach, ripe golden apples and apricots on the palate.