Raymond Ragnaud Pineau des Charentes

Raymond Ragnaud Pineau des Charentes

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Of all the subcategories of the Vins de Liqueur category (sweet, fortified wines made with unfermented grape must  fortified with the brandy of the given region), the Pineau des Charentes subcategory is certainly the most known around the world. Legend has it that Pineau was discovered by accident when, during a harvest in 1589, a farmer dumped grape must into a barrel he thought was empty but actually contained eau de vie du vin. Several years later he found the barrel behind some others and found the blend to be thoroughly delicious. Its reputation spread and Pineau des Charentes came to be made by many locals.

Usually served with an ice cube in a tulip-shaped glass, this is a classic French aperitif, very popular back in the fifties and sixties and enjoying a bit of a comeback, particularly when incorporated into creative cocktails. Other uses for Pineau include basting roasted meats or thickening sauces.