Moon Bloom Junmai Daiginjo Sake (720 mL)

Moon Bloom Junmai Daiginjo Sake
(720 mL)

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TYPE: Junmai Daiginjo


RICE: 100% Miyamanishiki 


SERVE: Chilled

FLAVOR PROFILE:  Made with locally grown Miyamanishiki rice polished down to 49% – Moon Bloom’s Junmai Daiginjo has a sweet melon and powdery nose. Think boxed cake mix alongside rice powder, with hints of juicy fruit and pea shoot stems.

It has a robust patate – it will sit on the tongue and lips, and lovingly linger. The flavor profile of this sake is that of Horchata (rice milk + cinnamon) and soft-ball sugar (light stage of cooking caramel). 

This sake is clean, dry and uncomplicated. You'll notice a faint sweetnes, that is best when served cold.