Amaras Mezcal Logia Azul Limited Edition (750ml)

Amaras Mezcal Logia Azul Limited Edition

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Casa Amarás is a company built with love; love for the sun, the land and the people who work it, and above all, love for Mexico and its sacred plant, the agave.

In honor of our philosophy, Mezcal Amarás allocates an amount from the net sale of each bottle to develop internal initiatives that promote social and environmental responsibility.

43%  Alc. 



Amarás Logia Azul is the purest form of drinking Tequila. Distilled by hand, it shares the tradition of the mezcal process through copper stills.

- 100% Natural Fermentation:
All fermentation occurs naturally without incident in outdoor vats, using native wild yeasts from the environment.

- Made by hand with Tequilana Weber Blue Agave:
Logia Azul is an artisan mezcal made from an 8-year-old Tequilana Weber blue agave, native to the Miahuatlán region, in the state of Oaxaca, where it grows and develops. This wild agave is one of the most characteristic agaves of Tequila, a derivation of the Angustifolia agave (better known as Espadín), and it is what makes this Lodge an extraordinary elixir.

- Tasting notes:
Fruity notes of papaya and sapote, lavender and herbal touches of jalapeño pepper.
On the palate, a citric and vegetal flavor of green pepper and white minerals, with a long and well-maintained finish.

- 100% Sustainable


Double Gold - SF World Spirits Competition 2023