Smooth Ambler "Old Scout" American Whiskey (750 ml)

Smooth Ambler "Old Scout" American Whiskey
(750 ml)

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Old Scout American Whiskey is a union of two whiskies distilled from classic bourbon mash bills. One is aged in new oak barrels and the other matures in rejuvenated, re-charred bourbon casks. While this unique aging excuses the marriage from being called bourbon, it shares all of the character and drinkability you would expect from a whiskey on the brink of being one.

Like the other Old Scout whiskeys, it is blended in limited, hand selected batches and without chill filtration.

  • Mashbill: A blend of 9+ YO 36% rye bourbon (same mash bill as Old Scout Single Barrel) and 5+ YO whiskey distilled from a bourbon mash from TN, aged in re-charred “rejuvenated barrels”.
  • Distillation Process: Continuous column distillation
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet, baking spice, cake icing, toasted graham cracker on the nose. Toasted wood and creamy corn, a hint of mint, and front of the mouth flavor on the palate.
  • 99 Proof


"A clean and inviting nose featuring fresh hay, cooked corn, Peanut Chews, vanilla custard, and black pepper. Chewy and mouth-filling texture, with black cherry, peanuts in Coke, caramel, peanut-butter molasses cookies, and supple spices, ending with more cherry and mature oak flavors. Straightforward, uncomplicated, and satisfying: a good all-rounder." - Whisky Advocate

"The nose is simple, straightforward, and full of character: roasted nuts in the lead, joined by butterscotch and wood. A sip shows a light, creamy texture and a sweet flavor at first. This turns spicy, before allowing the roasted notes and wood to come back up. The finish runs short, showing a pinch of mint before disappearing. The blending of Old Scout allows it to bring together some lovely elements, and the palate even shows a little sophistication. I was surprised by just how much I liked it. For the money, it’s an excellent buy." - The Whiskey Reviewer