Patron Pyrat Rum XO Reserve (375ml) - [WE 96]

Patron Pyrat Rum XO Reserve
(375ml) - [WE 96]

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Handcrafted, ultra-premium Pyrat XO Reserve Rum which takes its name from the spelling of the old English word 'pirate' are blended and hand bottled in the Caribbean.

Production of Pyrat rums adheres to very unique and traditional blending and aging specifications resulting in an elegant and distinctive ultra-premium spirit. Pyrat rums are a precise blend of carefully selected barrel age 'pot still' rums, sourced from throughout the Caribbean. (Batch distillation 'pot stills' produce a distinctive rich, flavorful rum). Many of the rums used to blend Pyrat are over 15 years old, and some are produced from an original, 300-year-old wood still, meticulously maintained and still in use today. After blending, Pyrat rums are then further aged in combination of individually selected French Limousin and specially toasted American oak barrels, which produce rich and smooth flavor complexities not found in most other rums.

Tasting notes

Pyrat Rums are characterized by their rich amber color, and complex taste and aroma of oak wood, vanilla, orange and sugarcane. The rums are smooth and gentle on the palate, not heavy or harsh, and are delicious in a snifter with a small amount of ice and a lemon twist, or mixed in a high quality cocktail.

Ratings & Reviews

95 Points, Finalist - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2022

96 Points - Wine Enthusiast:
"From this dark amber liquid wafts a luxurious aroma of toffee, marzipan, candied fruit and sarsparilla. On the sweeter side of the spectrum, this aged rum is gorgeous and mouth-filling, with caramel and a sprinkling of ginger and cinnamon fireworks on the elongated finish." — K.N. (12/1/2011)