Purity Vodka 1.75L (Perfect for Bloody Mary)

Purity Vodka 1.75L
(Perfect for Bloody Mary)

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Purity Vodka is the most awarded ultra-premium vodka in the world and the first vodka brand to score a perfect 100 points. The result of a lifelong quest to redefine vodka by Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen, it has won Vodka of the Year for an unprecedented three years in a row at the prestigious Spirits Masters Awards. With its heritage from the 13th century Ellinge Castle in the south of Sweden, Purity Vodka is a Craft Spirit born out of a proprietary method utilizing a vodka still made of copper and gold. The heart of the vodka is distilled 34 times and its production is labor intensive and demanding, creating unparalleled results. Hand crafted in small batches the spirit so refined that no filtration is necessary. Made from organic winter wheat and malted barley – Purity Vodka reminds vodka drinkers that taste does matter.