Chateau de Pellehaut Blanche Armagnac (Armagnac, France)

Chateau de Pellehaut Blanche Armagnac
(Armagnac, France)

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About the producer:
Domaine de Pellehaut is situated at the highest point in the district of Montreal du Gers and today covers 530 hectares of which 180 hectares are vines. It is a true farming estate, run in a traditional way by Gaston Beraut and his sons, Martin and Mathieu. At Pellehaut, 2 varieties are used in the production of eau de vie: Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche. The vinification of the wines destined for distillation consists of aging on the lees with regular battonnage. After leaving the alembic still after the "simple chauffe", the eau de vie is placed in 400 liter oak barrels. Proofing is finish with spring water which has also been rested in French oak.

Tasting Notes:
Distilled from 100% Folle Blanche, this unaged Armagnac is oily in texture, extremely fruity, with a slightly sweet finish. Useful in exploring new directions for brandy and pisco based cocktails, or chilled as a palate cleanser between fish and meat courses, known in France as a "Trou Gascon".