Martell Blue Swift VSOP (750 ml)

Martell Blue Swift VSOP
(750 ml)

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This innovative eau-de-vie from Martell is made by finishing their acclaimed VSOP Cognac in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. The Martell Blue Swift VSOP has been described as uniting two worlds; it is simultaneously olde-worlde with its Bourbon cask glass shape, and also new and innovative in the way that it experiments with traditions of Cognac production dating back centuries.

If you’re a fan of a richer, toasted and rounded flavor, then this is the eau-de-vie for you. It cannot be called Cognac, as the latter must be aged in French oak to qualify as so. Instead, it is an “eau-de-vie de vin”, which quite literally translates as a distilled grape wine spirit.

Martell pride themselves upon their impurity-free distillation process, which is signature to the Cognac maison. This makes it all the more ready to absorb aromatic qualities from the bourbon casks.

Martell Cognac VSOP Blue Swift Finished in Bourbon Casks
The Blue Swift VSOP commemorates the fact that Martell was indeed the first Cognac house to ship barrels of spirit to America from 1783.Their reputation as the oldest of the Cognac houses, dating back to 1713, means that Martell work tirelessly to ensure that their stellar reputation as one of the best Cognac producers in the world is constantly challenged, updated and exceeded.

The Martell Blue Swift successfully reinvents the Cognac genre, bringing curiosity and ingenuity to the long-standing craft. It is only fitting that Martell has decided to call this liquor the Blue Swift, after their iconic logo that appears on all of their bottles, and features heavily in a number of their marketing campaigns.

The blue swift represents the spirit of the Cognac house; one that flies freely from continent to continent, traversing oceans and bringing the French art of Cognac to the US and vice versa. With signature notes of plums and candied fruits, it brings a new twist to traditional notes with flavors of toasted oak and vanilla.

Tasting Notes

Eye: Golden sparkling copper color.
Nose: A rich, luxurious aroma of caramelized pear and banana. A light sweetness turns into coconut and vanilla, and a spicy menthol scent.
Palate: Gourmet, round and incredibly silky. There are fresh flavors of ginger and white fruits like plums. The smooth finish of a toasted oak cask fills the mouth in the end.


Gold - SF World Spirits Competition 2021

"A groundbreaking fusion of VSOP Cognac and Bourbon casks. Its copper hue with golden highlights sets the stage for a complex aroma featuring gourmet notes of banana, caramelized pear, and a dash of vanilla and spices. The palate delivers ginger, candied fruit, and the unmistakable toasted oak from the bourbon casks. This spirit captures Martell's signature candied fruit and plum notes, enriched by the aromatic tones absorbed from the bourbon cask." - Whisky Advocate

Grade: A (Drinkhacker)

"Blue Swift is a rousing success that shows how Cognac and bourbon can work beautifully together. The color of the spirit is bourbon-dark, much deeper in hue than any standard VSOP you’ll encounter. On the nose, there’s lots going on, the traditional raisin-plum notes of brandy mingling nicely with oaky whiskey notes, layering in some cinnamon, flamed banana, and a touch of almond.

The palate follows that up with aplomb. A relatively light body gives way to lush fruit, touched with oak. Currants and vanilla, figs and cocoa, hints of peppermint and gingerbread — they all come together into a surprisingly cohesive whole that showcases the best of both the brandy and bourbon worlds. The finish is light on its feet, not at all heavy, cloying, or otherwise overblown. Rather, it’s slightly drying and quite clean, its toasty wood notes lingering while echoing hints of fruity raisin.

It’s lovely in its own right, but I’m particularly hard-pressed to think of a better Cognac at this price point. Stock up!"