Frank August "Small Batch" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (750 mL)

Frank August "Small Batch" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
(750 mL)

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Distillery Notes:

High rye Bourbon distilled, aged and bottled in Kentucky. The team at Frank August then takes roughly ten to 15 barrels per batch and builds this bourbon painstakingly to fit their desired flavor profile. The whiskey is then lightly proofed down to 100 proof before bottling.

Tasting Notes:

APPEARANCE: A rich auburn with full legs that beautifully coats the glass.

NOSE: Frank August’s Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon opens with hints of caramel and vanilla that are balanced with warm oak and mild baking spices which warm the senses.

PALATE: Echoes those initial sweet caramel and vanilla notes on the front of your tongue, with cinnamon and rye bread spices coming forward, as it gradually transitions to the back of your tongue. At 100 proof, it is a perfect balance of heat and smoothness that warms your mouth, while hints of brown and malt sugars begin to present themselves. 

FINISH: As flavors of vanilla, oak and baking spices transition through all senses, it leaves a medium – long finish, wanting you to pour another glass.


Platinum - Ascot Awards 2023

"A bold, well integrated palate is earthy, dry and full of oaky vanilla flavors. But the star of the show here is the long, slightly drying and peppery finish. Nicely done."

Gold - SF World Spirits Competition 2023

Double Gold - NY World Wine & Spirits Competition 2022

Best Bourbons Under $100 - Breaking Bourbon

"Notes of caramel and vanilla are found throughout, acting as a steady constant and bringing a classic style to the bourbon. From there though, the whiskey looks to expand its horizons. The nose is noticeably light and surprisingly fruity with green apple, citrus, and sherry combining to a pleasant effect. The palate introduces pear and sweet apple for its part, before transitioning to a more baking spices and oaky affair for its finish."

"On the nose, hints of vanilla extract, Frosted Mini Wheats, and buttercream frosting. After some time, fruit appears; lemon twist and pineapple. The palate is pleasantly spicy and neatly balanced by baking chocolate, marshmallow, and Three Musketeers bar. Cinnamon spice dominates the finish, though it’s complemented by a whisper of vanilla bean." - Whisky Advocate

 "This feels like a good sipper (on the rocks) that also would make a killer Manhattan or Sazerac. It’s a hearty introduction that hits “classic” notes. The bottle is really eye-catching with an art-deco vibe, good heft, and the subtlest label in the game. This is sleek modern style at its best and that stopper is 100/100. Overall, this is a winner and certainly has me excited for what’s next from the team behind Frank August." - Uproxx

"A touch of elegance complete with one of the heavier toppers in the bourbon world. The nose is immediately inviting: Toasted Caramel, Vanilla Bean, Nougat, Custard, Slight Oak, Honey and Apples, followed by a completely smooth and flavorful palate: Smooth Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Nutmeg/Baking Spices, Honeycomb and rounded out by that high rye, viscous and long lasting finish."

- The Bourbon Whiskey Library

"Fruity, creamy, honey nose with a berry explosion on the palate followed by a nice baking spice finish. Very balanced. Thumbs up!" - Bourbon Pursuit