Hillrock Solera Aged Sauternes Cask Finished Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml (New York)

Hillrock Solera Aged Sauternes Cask Finished Bourbon Whiskey 750 ml
(New York)

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Notes from the Distillery:
Hillrock Solera Aged Bourbon is the first American whiskey to be aged in the centuries-old Solera method, used traditionally to create exceptional Sherries, Ports, Madeiras, and Cognacs. Solera aging involves a pyramid of barrels where a small portion of whiskey is removed periodically from the lowest tier of barrels and an equal measure of new whiskey is added to the top barrels. No barrel in the Solera is ever emptied, and over time, the older whiskey in the

Solera mingles with younger whiskies to create unmatched depth and complexity.

Hillrock grows all the grain used in their whiskeys on their farm and processes the malt in their own malthouse, the first distillery to do both since BEFORE Prohibition.

After aging in Hillrock's Solera and Oloroso Sherry Casks, this unique whiskey is then finished in rare French Premier Cru Sauternes wine casks. Sauternes wine, known as the “nectar of the gods”, was prized by both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington in the 18th century. This artisanal whiskey merges the unique terroir of the Hudson Valley with old world European tradition and craftsmanship.

Tasting Notes:

This honey amber whiskey displays a complex nose of caramel, vanilla bean, nuts and oak with hints of orange blossom, Meyer lemon zest and honey. Slightly nutty flavors of honey-coated roasted nuts and cinnamon compliment the warm toffee, caramel, and vanilla essences balanced by honeydew melon, citrus and apricot notes opening to a long, clean finish with a lively vanilla, floral oaked finish loaded with honey.