Don Q Double Aged Vermouth Cask Finished Rum (750 ml)

Don Q Double Aged Vermouth Cask Finished Rum
(750 ml)

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Distillery Notes:
Don Q Double Aged Vermouth Cask Finish rum ventures beyond the expected and offers rum aficionados an innovative way to enrich their cocktail experience.

This blend of rums is first aged 5 to 8 years in American white oak barrels and then finished for 4 to 6 weeks in Mancino Vecchio vermouth casks crafted from Italian oak.

The prolonged interaction between the rum and the sweet vermouth-soaked casks results in a flavor profile with hints of cherry and raisins, honey, dark chocolate and vanilla. The double aging process imparts a unique complexity and richness of flavor not found in any other rum. 

"The nose is pungent with aromatics — bitter herbs, oxidized white wine, and lots of anise — very little of which you’d ever find in a glass of rum, no matter what the origin. The palate finds a way to meld those characters with more traditional rum trappings, melding the wine notes with coconut and vanilla, berries in syrup, and baking spice.

It’s a strange combination — particularly the wholly unorthodox nose — but it works better than you would expect...a light and lively rum, but it’s that heavily perfumed character that sticks with you for ages, both in the air and lingering on the tongue." - Drinkhacker

"It would obviously work extremely well in something like a Manhattan, doing the good work of amplifying the vermouth notes, but this rum is one that is best served neat or with a rock and sipped. The rock will open up those herbal notes and allow those flavors to play with the sweetness of the rum without being overwhelming." - The Manual