Compass Box "Hedonism" Blended Scotch Whisky (750 ml) [WWA Best Scottish Grain 2021] [WE 93]

Compass Box "Hedonism" Blended Scotch Whisky
(750 ml) [WWA Best Scottish Grain 2021] [WE 93]

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About the whiskey:
Hedonism is unusual in the Scotch whisky world: a blended grain Scotch whisky. It is very rare to see 100% grain whisky bottlings, in Scotland. Going back 100 years, grain whisky brands were more common, but they were overtaken in popularity by the big brands of blended Scotch, which comprised both grain whisky and malt whisky. Today, most Scotch grain whisky gets blended into the big brand names, typically at young ages. For Hedonism, we search for old casks of Scotch grain whisky. And we only produce Hedonism once a year, when we find casks with the right flavour profile.

Tasting Notes:
When good Scotch grain whisky is aged in good quality American oak casks, the results can be stunning: a rich, sweet, alluring whisky, redolent of vanilla, pastry cream and coconut. You'll find all these things in our Hedonism bottlings. We believe that great Scotch grain whisky is the little-known treasure of the Scotch whisky industry.


Gold - Scotch Whisky Masters 2022

Gold - Intl Spirits Challenge 2022

Best Scottish Grain - World Whiskies Awards 2021

"All bourbon on the nose. Very bourbon on the palate too. Nice spiciness. Great for converting bourbon drinkers to Scotch. Banana, bourbon characteristics. Cereal on the nose. Fired oak. Pineapple. Takes water well. Lovely lemon notes"

92 Points - Intl Wine & Spirits Competition 2021

"Refreshingly light and floral with a tropical coconut nose that flows onto an embracing palate. Luscious, with toffee, vanilla and hints of grapefruit."

93 Points - Wine Enthusiast

"Fresh aromas suggest red apple slices and hint of vanilla. The supersoft palate rings out with vanilla cookie and custard, finishing long and mouthwatering on sweet spices, piquant cayenne and drying hints of cigar wrapper and campfire smoke."

"Oat flapjacks, golden syrup, beautiful dry-roasted spice notes, vanilla essence, cornbread, creamed coconut, and flashes of mango and apple. A luxuriant feast of sweet vanilla, soft warm bread, whipped cream, caramel, a little tug of spice, with a late ripple of grain flavors. Caramel, spice, and grain notes mark the finish." - Whisky Advocate