Charbay Brandy No. 83 27-Years old (750ml)

Charbay Brandy No. 83 27-Years old

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Notes from the Maker:

This is a story that began in 1983 on a very foggy night. Everyone was hushed as we lit the Still for the very first run.

We were honored that Mr. Pruhlo, the founder of the company that made the exotic still, had come from France to be with us. I remember him as a proper Frenchman, a proud and warm gentleman who was truly loving the moment. His company is no longer in business and we have lost Mr. Pruhlo, yet here is Charbay Brandy, alive with the captured evening as part of its soul.

Over thrity years have passed since then. We have watched over it and let it naturally evolve into a proud and warm, pure Folle Blanche brandy. Double distilled by an excited crew and cut with precision. Aged in French oak.

People who have tasted it through the years continued to ask, "when will it be released?" I had thought for the turn of the century celebration but that passed by...

We released the 27 year old Brandy on November 8th, the anniversary of when Miles landed in North America in 1962 from Europe. With this Brandy, he continues the 12 generations of distilling in his family. He was the first in his family to leave the homeland. It was California where he chose to carry on the tradition.

Double-distilled from rare 1983 Folle Blanche (Mendocino County) in the classic 660-gallon Alambic Charentais Pot Still, then aged 27 years in French Limousin oak. Hand bottled and numbered.

Alc. by Vol: 40% | Proof: 80