Campari Aperitivo Liqueur (Italy) [WE 96]

Campari Aperitivo Liqueur
(Italy) [WE 96]

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Notes from the Winemaker:
Campari is an alcoholic spirit obtained from the infusion of bitter herbs, aromatic plants and fruit in alcohol and water. Many have tried to guess the number of ingredients: some say there are 20 or 60, but others list the ingredients at 80. To this day, alcohol and water are the only known ingredients of its special and secret recipe. Its vibrant red colour, intense aroma and distinctive bitter taste make it extremely versatile, and the perfect base for some of the most famous cocktails around the world.

Campari is a contemporary and charismatic classic that has remained unchanged throughout the years to the original formula. The creation of Campari was the result of the talent of Gaspare Campari, master drink maker and founder of the company. His experiments in concocting new beverages in Novara, in 1860, resulted in a recipe that still today remains a secret known only to the very few people in charge of the production process.


96 Points - Wine Enthusiast

"The original red bitter is vivid scarlet with a grapefruit peel-like aroma and flavor. The palate is bitter and bright with a lighter body than many liqueurs and a hint of cinnamon on the bracing exit. Classic for mixing into a wide range of cocktails."