Bespoken Spirits American Light Whiskey [PURPLE LABEL] (375 mL)

Bespoken Spirits American Light Whiskey [PURPLE LABEL]
(375 mL)

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Notes from the Producer:

At Bespoken Spirits, we combine the best ingredients and the experience of hundreds of years of whiskey making, as well as the science and knowledge from the 21st century, to mature and create customized spirits in days rather than years.

Our American Light Whiskey was created by sourcing barrels of young Bourbon mash Light Whiskies (distilled to a proof between 160 and 190 and stored in used oak casks for at least 3 months) from the top distillers in the nation. We hand select the finest staves, seasoned for at least 2 years, and treat them with a process tailored to the intricate properties of the spirit. Then, we "marry" the wood with the whiskey in our spirit refiner, which creates the ideal setting for whiskey maturation, giving the spirit more color, flavor, depth, and body.

Tasting Notes:

Brilliant golden color. On the nose, notes of butterscotch, marzipan, honey-infused mocha, and black tea dominate, with rich cinnamon sugar on the palate and a compelling finish of cacao nib and winter spices.

50% ABV / 100 Proof
Mash Bill - 99% Corn, 1% Malt

Gold Medal - San Francisco Wine & Spirits Competition 2020