Kaiyo The 1er Grand Cru 10 Year Old Whisky (700ml)

Kaiyo The 1er Grand Cru 10 Year Old Whisky

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Distillery Notes:

Part of Kaiyo's Wood Library Series, the 1er Grand Cru 10 Year Old Japanese Whisky is a luxurious and refined spirit that showcases the best of Japanese whisky-making. This whisky is made using carefully selected ingredients and a meticulous distillation process, resulting in a spirit that is rich and complex.

The ageing process consists of a unique and innovative five step maturation process:

First maturation: Three months in new Japanese Mizunara oak barrels

Second maturation: Three months at sea in Japanese Mizunara oak barrels

Third maturation: Three months in new Japanese Mizunara oak barrels

Fourth maturation: Five years in French Limousin oak Oloroso sherry barrels

Limousin French Oak that once held Oloroso sherry makes this whisky truly unique to all other French Oak whiskies on the market. Master Blender Jeffrey Karlovitch sought to create a unique expression that shows the creativity with 1st fill French oak and a balancing act of Japanese Mizunara. This is a truly complex whisky that evolves in the glass over time like a great bordeaux. Rich, balanced with deep fruit and tannins.

Tasting Notes:

A deep amber color and a rich, woody aroma. On the palate, you will find flavors of sweet caramel, toasted oak, and hints of dark chocolate. 

100% malted barley

92 proof