Giuseppe Calvi Mosto Argento Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Liguria, Italy) [750 mL]

Giuseppe Calvi Mosto Argento Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(Liguria, Italy) [750 mL]

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Ligurian oil is renowned world-wide as the finest oil for delicate applications. Liguria the narrow coastal region just below France. From the sea, steep mountains climb up to Piedmonte, curving along the coast down to Tuscany. Genoa is the principal city, and Liguria is famous for pesto, which is always made with local Ligurian oil. 

Ligurian olive oil is prized for its delicate, fruity, sweet taste, crafted to accompany fresh fish. The best of these oils are made exclusively from Taggiasca olives – only grown in Liguria where they wait until late January to start harvesting olives (October is the more common start in other areas), and they continue all the way to March.  The olives are black and sweet when they are picked and produce the most delicate of oils. 

We are fortunate to have found Giuseppi Calvi.  His company has been making olive oil at the same location in Oneglia in Western Liguria since the early 1920s.  Calvi’s "Mosto Oro" is the pride of the family's production.  It is made from 100% Taggiasca olives from the Valle di Oneglia (Oneglia Valley) that are harvested by hand and immediately cold pressed in a traditional mill. The careful attention to quality is evident with the first taste.  

This oil is from the late 2021 harvest.  

"Mosto" means unfiltered, and in fact, the oil is bottled just as it comes from the mill, without any kind of treatment, after a period of natural decantation. 

Argento means silver, and this is along with Mosto Oro are Calvi's best oils.

Mosto Argento is a blend of Taggiasca and Peranzana olives.

Because this oil is very delicate, every bottle is wrapped in silver foil to protect the oil from light. 

Applications:  Mosto Argento has a gentle flavor, which makes it suitable for seasoning delicate dishes. In comparison to Mosto Oro, it is slightly less fruity.