Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin 750ml (Barcelona, Spain) [USC 91]

Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin 750ml
(Barcelona, Spain) [USC 91]

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About the Gin:

In an old fishing village near Barcelona lies a 18th century chapel that houses a custom-made still in which Gin Mare was first created, inspired not only by local botanicals and flavours, but by the rhythms and culture of its location. The chapel and its still continue to stand proudly at the entrance to the distillery, welcoming visitors and inviting them to experience the Mediterranean culture of gastronomy, drinks and a gentle pace of life under the sun.

Gin Mare evokes the Mediterranean. With its eternal blue sky, its characteristic scent of rosemary, basil, and thyme - Gin Mare is Mediterranean by nature. Made using traditional techniques from the Mediterranean, through a delicate maceration and independent distillation which expresses all of the characteristics of each botanical in every sip.

Made with orange, lemon, juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, rosemary, basil, thyme and arbequina olives.

The acidity levels of our star ingredient, the arbequina olive, change every year. This means each and every distillation is a unique culinary work of art.

Ratings & Reviews

91 Points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2023

"Bold, piquant nose, with Castelvetrano olive and rosemary dominating at first before giving way to lemon peel, sun-dried tomato, basil, and white flower. Intensely savory and herbal on the palate, with a silken mouthfeel and succulent citrus. A perfect gin for a Martini."

Grade: A (Drinkhacker)

"The nose has a distinct olive note, plus a lacing of black pepper, mixed dried herbs, and a bit of green onion. Quite savory on the nose, the body finds room for some sweeter stuff, with light notes of simple syrup that fade into clearer notes of rosemary, earthy cardamom, and lemon peel. The finish remains restrained and savory and reminiscent of an olive tapenade with a lemon twist upon it. What a unique, quirky, and curious gin! It’s several big steps off the beaten path, but it’s so intriguing — and enjoyable — that it hardly matters."

"This is a nimble fusion of older and newer gin-making styles, and I appreciate the way it borrows some of the best elements of both London dry and New Western gin. The expected combo of red fruit/pine needles from the juniper berry is complemented nicely by the similarly resinous profile of fresh rosemary—those two are a natural duo, really—while a hint of salinity and vegetal flavors note the presence of the olives. This is a thoughtful gin that begs to be the centerpiece of a martini, which you could just as easily add additional olives to. What it does feature more strongly are lovely citrus impressions, amplified by moderate (but not too assertive) residual sweetness, and supporting spice notes that evoke cardamom and coriander. All in all, it’s a wonderfully balanced profile: Off dry and quite easy to drink, working surprisingly well for neat drinking (maybe on ice?) or as a mixer or cocktail base." - Paste Magazine

"Gin Mare was one of the first modern gins to push the boundaries of flavor and use of non-traditional botanicals. Whilst being savory and herbaceous, juniper is still pleasingly prominent and it has become a frequent fixture on back bars and in supermarkets. Basil and rosemary make for ideal garnish starting points."

- The Gin Guide

"Placing savory spices front and center, Gin Mare has aromas of rosemary, juniper, fennel seed, and a faint hint of coriander. The palate is peppery and mentholated, and perfectly suited for G&T’s. The alcohol is pleasant and warm, like a Meditteranean fall afternoon."

- VinePair