Gin Mare "Capri" Gin 700ml (Barcelona, Spain)

Gin Mare "Capri" Gin 700ml
(Barcelona, Spain)

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About the Gin:

In an old fishing village near Barcelona lies a 18th century chapel that houses a custom-made still in which Gin Mare was first created, inspired not only by local botanicals and flavours, but by the rhythms and culture of its location. The chapel and its still continue to stand proudly at the entrance to the distillery, welcoming visitors and inviting them to experience the Mediterranean culture of gastronomy, drinks and a gentle pace of life under the sun.

Made with bergamot and lemons, along with Gin Mare’s four principal botanicals - Arbequina olives, rosemary, thyme, and basil - Gin Mare Capri brings the very essence of the Mediterranean and the island of Capri to life through its authentic, fresh, citrus flavour profile.

Gin Mare is made using traditional Mediterranean techniques with the sole intention of creating a truly Mediterranean Gin. All of this is achieved through a delicate maceration process, the independent distillation of each botanical ingredient, and the extensive experience of our team.

Ratings & Reviews

Grade: A (Drinkhacker)

"This is clearly related to the original Gin Mare, with savory elements leading the nose including olive, rosemary, and thyme, but they are balanced by deep notes of lemon peel that come from both the bergamot and the lemons. The palate follows suit with its savory notes mingling beautifully with oily citrus, creating a gin that shows both palate complexity and a lovely mouthfeel. Gin Mare Capri walks a fine line: It is a contemplative gin that rewards attention, but it also is bright and inviting and can simply be enjoyed on its own merits. I have to say, this is a hard gin to put down. It also pairs nicely with tonic as the herbal and citrus notes stand out yet blend in well with the bitterness of tonic. For gin fans who are looking for more than a slug of juniper, this is one to seek out."