Frey Ranch Farm Strength Uncut Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 mL (Nevada)

Frey Ranch Farm Strength Uncut Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 mL

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About the Whiskey:
Every time we blend a small batch of our flagship four-grain bourbon, we taste it at cask strength before we “proof it down” to our signature 90 proof. We always fall in love with the uncut flavor, now you can too with the addition of this “Farm Strength” version of our flagship bourbon. Each batch will now feature both our signature 90 proof and this “uncut” expression. We named it “Farm Strength”, inspired by how we like to enjoy our whiskey on the ranch. As with all our whiskeys, this one is made from 100% grains grown on the Frey Ranch. 

Mashbill: 66% Corn (non-GMO), 12% Two Row Malted Barley, 11.4% Winter Rye, 10% Soft White Winter Wheat

120-132 Proof

Tasting Notes:

Robust notes of caramelized bruleé, with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg. On the palate, the whiskey opens with birthday cake frosting, glazed butter cake, cloves, orange creamsicle, and dried stone fruit. The finish delivers a sublime yet subtle hint of smoke and black cherry.

Ratings & Reviews:

"Caramelized dense oak and creme brulee are followed by a rush of spice. Bouts of citrus, raisin, cinnamon, and caramel coalesce against a prominent grain-forward presence. It by no means comes across as lacking age, instead doubling down on the flavors brought forward by its homegrown ingredients. Like the nose, the palate’s overall balance is traded for sheer impact and robust flavor. Spicy heat ascends and holds throughout the long finish. Caramel, raisin, and citrus carry over from the palate, along with a tapering grain note. The bourbon finally achieves balance as the flavors fade in the finish. It’s a pleasing end cap, and one that closes the bourbon on a more widely appreciated ending. Put simply, the base grains show through in this bourbon, and ultimately this factor adds a significant degree of uniqueness to the bourbon. Ultimately it makes for a bourbon that tastes unlike anything else, fundamentally. If you want a high proof bourbon that tastes different, this fits that bill." - Breaking Bourbon

"Plenty of caramel, honey and mint, combined with significant rye spice. The clove is joined by a little more cinnamon, but the star of the show is a complex sort of herbaceousness from the rye and maybe from the wheat as well–it’s floral and maybe a little bit resinous, but doesn’t lose track of its moderate residual sweetness. Over time, things turn more savory with pronounced tobacco notes, balanced by sweet herbaceousness. To me, this speaks to the farm terroir and the unique grains being grown on site, and I find this profile exotic enough that it excites my palate after tasting so many other whiskeys on a regular basis without any genuinely unique x-factors. Also quite impressive here is the integration of all that alcohol–for 124.3 proof, this drinks pretty shockingly easily, being one of the more delicate cask strength bourbons I’ve come across in recent memory. That’s another nice quality to have for a producer that is still (relatively) on the younger side for this industry. All in all, Frey Ranch’s Farm Strength Uncut Bourbon manages to stand out and present a distinct aesthetic for itself, and that is a major part of building a following in the whiskey world these days. Their concise focus and execution have built the company into one of the country’s best small distilleries." - Paste Magazine