Duche de Longueville French Sparkling Cider [Non-Alcoholic] (Normandy, France)

Duche de Longueville French Sparkling Cider [Non-Alcoholic]
(Normandy, France)

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The Normandy region of France is home to one of America's best-loved international ciders. Duché de Longueville comes from a 50-year-old orchard near Dieppe, France where 15 carefully chosen apple varieties are used to produce this exquisite cider. Many of America's finest restaurants honor Duché de Longueville by offering it as the only non-alcoholic option on their wine lists. My favorite steak house will provide you with a bottle for $35. We offer it at a more reasonable price!

IMBIBE MAGAZINE Says: "Cider vinegar dominates the aroma of this deeply golden, clean-filtered cider. The taste is pleasant and sweet . . . This cider from a 50-year-old orchard in Normandy is considered a classic." -IMBIBE Magazine, September/October 2006

Artisan Wine Depot's James Tran Says: "You can forget all about martinellis. Duché de Longueville is a bottle of sparkling apple goodness. You can tastes flavors varying from red apples, green apples, and a hint of sweet dried apples. Even though there is no alcohol, this refreshing, effervecent cider can still stand on its own amongst other drinks on the winelist." -James Tran, April 2009