Caves Carod Clairette de Die "Tradition" White Sparkling N.V. (Rhone Valley, France) - [BTI 92]

Caves Carod Clairette de Die "Tradition" White Sparkling N.V.
(Rhone Valley, France) - [BTI 92]

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About the Vineyard:
Made from 75% Muscat Petits Grains and 25% Clairette. Clairette de Die is produced with the ancestral dioise method.

The grapes are rapidly pressed after the harvest and then placed in vats at low temperatures (replicating the process used by the Voconces in ancient times who kept the jars in the icy waters of their local rivers). The half-fermented must is bottled and fermentation continues in the bottle, giving a naturally sparkling wine. Disgorging occurs at least six months after bottling, while the wine still contains sugar and has reached an alcohol content of 7 to 9 %.

Tasting Notes

This is a sparkling wine with very fine bubbles, light in alcohol (8°), and containing residual sugar (incomplete fermentation). Clairette de Die has been known since ancient times (dates back to 77 A.D.). Clairette brings delicacy and lightness to the wine whereas Muscat gives its typical sweet flavor. The wine displays intense aromas, a refreshing balance of fruit and acidity with peach, orange and white flowers flavors.

This is an ideal wine for all desserts and ice creams, and is very interesting with foie gras. It is especially suitable for daytime meetings and cocktail parties. A great breakfast wine!

Wine to be consumed young, to conserve the full fruity and floral flavors. To be stored flat in a cool room away from light.

Ratings & Reviews

92 Points & Best Buy - Beverage Tasting Institute:
"White gold color. Bright, fruity, floral aromas and flavors of lychee and peony with a supple, tangy, finely carbonated, off-dry light-to-medium body and a smooth, compelling, medium-long clementine, Meyer lemons, and honeyed apples finish with fine, crunchy, fruit tannins and no oak. A zesty and delicious off-dry sparkler." - (December 15th 2015)

Wine Enthusiast:
This blend of 75% Muscat and 25% Clairette bursts with floral aromas and fresh peach and nectarine flavors. It's soft and creamy on the palate, marked by enough sweetness to make it worth considering after the meal with fresh fruit, although it may be best served as an unusual apéritif.

GOLD MEDAL - Effervescents du Monde 2010