Cadenhead's 'Enigma 1998' 25 Year Old Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 700 mL
(Campbeltown, Scotland)

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About this whisky: 

The whiskies we bottle in our Cadenhead’s Enigma series are just that – unusual, hard to quantify, perhaps even slightly contradictory. They can be single casks, vattings of multiple casks, blends, blended malts or whatever else we can find that doesn’t fit into our existing bottling lineup but meets our only essential criteria – that they’re good.

Sherry cask matured.

Bottled in 2023

82.8 Proof

Tasting Notes:

A deliciously well rounded dram which will appeal to a many. Fully matured in refill sherry butts, this blended scotch has notes of walnuts and caramel on the nose. The palate is sweet, with notes of toffee, fudge, chocolate covered raisins and madeira cake. This sweetness follows through to the finish with notes of strawberry sauce, prunes and a hint of tart sherbert to round things off.


"Hints of resin, some oak shavings and a touch of triple sec. Then a good amount of fudge, toffee and mush banana. It’s the grain whisky that takes centre stage, but it also noses older than its years and the sherry casks have left an impression. Slivers of leather-bound books, cigar boxes and dried fruits. Interestingly, the palate is much darker than expected. By that, I mean that I get flavors of roasted coffee beans, dark (almost burnt) caramel and chocolate-covered raisins, as well as plums. There’s a gentle spiciness, hints of honeycomb and pine resin too. Lingering hints of chocolate, orange pith and oak spices on the finish." - Words Of Whisky

"High-pitched notes of sour wood, peaches and lemon icing sugar. Then some honeyed cereals come out, with more grapefruit, a little caramelized almond and toffee. Leather and hazelnuts. The grain component is easy to notice – it comes accross as a blend from a bygone era. Mild coconut and citrus comes out on th palate, with a dash of white rum. Some sherry influence appears: raisins, walnuts, hints of dried herbs. Ginger and mild tannins. A hint of sawdust too. Then burnt sugar makes it slightly bitter. Chestnut, cinnamon, citrus bitters and caramel on the finish." - Whisky Notes