Bosca Tosti Cardamaro Vino Amaro (750 mL) -

Bosca Tosti Cardamaro Vino Amaro
(750 mL) -

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Distillery Notes:

The one and only amaro based on wine and Nizza Monferrato Cardoon. Recreated from the ancient recipe of Bosca’s herbalist wine blender, this bitter tonic liquer has countless health-giving properties taken from the cardoon. With its pleasantly bitter taste it’s perfect for any occasion, particularly after a good meal.

Among the three cardoon used the protagonist is undoubtedly Nizza Monferrato hunchback Cardoon, a slow food presidium, a precious jewel of Monferrato territory. It is a winter vegetable similar to celery, but belonging to the family of artichokes. Even the taste is similar to that of the artichoke, characteristic and bitterish but with nuances that resemble celery. The Nizza Monferrato hunchback cardoon are not irrigated or fertilized. The cardoons become “hunchbacks” thanks to an unusual cultivation technique. In September the tall, bushy plants are folded and covered with earth. As they try to free themselves and reach the light, they swell and curve. The stems lose all their chlorophyll, becoming white and tender. After a month they are uncovered and the leaves and any damaged parts are cut off, leaving the crisp, sweet heart.

To enhance the characteristics of the Cardoon, a skilfully dosed mix of bitter spices contribute: China, Rhubarb, Gentian combined with Aloe which gives a long bitter note on the palate. The aromatic balance is completed with a very fresh note by Coriander and Lemon Bark and finally the vanilla pods which give roundness.

Tasting Notes:

The color is reddish-yellow, almost amber, with bright tinges and dark brown hints with transparency.
On the nose it is strong and complex, thanks to the blend of the various extracts and the long ageing process. Spicy notes of Hunchback Cardoon, Gentiana, clary sage and liquorice are prominent; hints of dried fruit, grapes and ginger also emerge.
The taste is sweet, full and well-orchestrated flavour reflecting the extraordinary balance between the sweet note, the bitter quality of some of the officinal herbs and the pleasant tastiness of the wine.
The tasting experience is unique, with pleasantness unmatched by any other amaro, thanks to the moderate alcohol content. The long-lasting aftertaste retains the complexity and spicy notes of the herbs, with a slight hint of tobacco.

17% ABV