Nardini Amaro (Italy) [700 ml]

Nardini Amaro
(Italy) [700 ml]

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Distillery Notes:
Balanced, citrusy, intense. Amaro Nardini is the perfect balance of flavors, with hints of liquorice from the gentian root, peppermint and orange: a variety of flavours, in perfect balance. Serve it straight, cold or on the rocks: it tastes great in every way
Ingredients: Gentian root, bitter orange, peppermint.

Appearance: Intense dark brown.

Aromatic profile: Perfect balance between the various components; intense fragrance of liquorice, mint and toasted sugar.

Serving suggestions: Perfect after meals, served straight, cold or with crushed ice and a slice of orange.

90 Points - Intl Wine & Spirits Competition 2021
"Complex and concentrated. Ripe apricot and peach is complemented by hints of dried fruit and delicate spice. Excellent balance of the sugar with the flavor concentration."