Blue Run "Reflection I" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 mL

Blue Run "Reflection I" Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750 mL

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Distillery Notes:

Blue Run “Reflection I” Kentucky Straight Bourbon is a small-batch whiskey and was contract distilled by Blue Run’s Liquid Advisor and Bourbon Hall of Famer Jim Rutledge. Jim distilled this batch of barrels at Castle & Key Distillery. Pulled from existing aging stocks, this approachable Bourbon, at this particular proof, is what they both enjoyed during this period, allowing them to reflect on what truly matters, starting first and foremost with family.

95 Proof

Tasting Notes:

Nose: This opens with a distinct note of tart yet slightly sweet cherry on the nose with a supporting cast of butterscotch candies, mild firewood, and a hint of pancake batter.

Palate: That batter becomes a stack of pancakes with vanilla-laced butter, maple syrup, and a few nuts thrown in that lead to a herb garden full of rosemary bushes.

Finish: That savory note mellows out through the mid-palate as a dusting of nutmeg rounds out the finish with hints of woody maple syrup and a final echo of that tart cherry.


Platinum - SIP Awards 2022