Bhakta 1928 Calvados & Armagnac & Straight Rye Whiskey (Vermont) - [BTI 96]

Bhakta 1928 Calvados & Armagnac & Straight Rye Whiskey
(Vermont) - [BTI 96]

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About this spirit:

Ever tasted a nearly 100-year-old spirit?

Named “1928” for the oldest vintage in the blend, it also contains 1941, 1962 and 1973, fusing ancient French Armagnacs and Calvados to perfect this Rye whiskey.

Bold Rye Whiskey fortified with Ancient Armagnac. BHAKTA 1928 embodies the Spirit of the Roaring Twenties—Boom Times, Boundless Optimism, and Big American Dreams. In this breakthrough blend, America’s finest rye is unified with France’s oldest spirits, including Armagnac from the rare and exquisite 1928 vintage, to capture the essence of an iconic era’s je ne sais quoi.

Average Age: 15 years

Proof: 100

Tasting Notes:

Aspect: Golden Orange

Nose: Custard, caramel and vanilla

Palate: Oak, vanilla and spice

Finish: Lingering oak and mellow tannins

Awards & Reviews

96 Points, Platinum - Beverage Tasting Institute 2023

94 Points, Gold - USA Spirits Ratings 2023

Grade: A- (Drinkhacker)

"The pour is rye-forward on the nose with heavy oak influence, and if I didn’t know better, I could be convinced this was a 15+ year old rye whiskey; the influence from the Calvados and Armagnac are heavier than their 40 percent proportion. There’s a touch of green apple peel as well as light notes of champagne grapes, caramel, vanilla extract, and chocolate covered pecans.

A first sip is immediately but subtly sweet, a light pan caramel that gradually becomes darker and more pronounced as it expands across the palate. Light spice is up next, cinnamon and nutmeg, before the rye notes transition to dried citrus, pear, and oaky fruit. There’s character from the older brandy, but it’s mouthwatering instead of drying. It’s not the deepest of flavors from Bhakta’s stocks that I’ve tried, but it adds a mature undercurrent to the rye I wish was slightly more pronounced. The finish is fruity, sweet, and lightly tannic, pear taking center stage and gradually dissipating to oak."