Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Notes from the Distillery:

Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke features the same high-rye mash bill that Basil Hayden loyalists know and love, but uses secondary aging to deliver a unique, layered flavor with a refined hint of smokiness.

We begin by toasting and lightly charring the secondary barrel. This is followed by delicately igniting hickory-smoked chips at a constant feed to produce smoke, which is then pumped into the barrel, resulting in notes of soft char and light butterscotch. This unique flavor provides a smoother, more subtle take on smoky spirits, and creates the perfectly sophisticated, yet approachable introduction to both bourbon and Basil Hayden.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Deep, rich amber with copper undertones

Nose: A mellow smoke character with a hint of sweet vanilla

Palate: Soft char with a light sweetness reminiscent of butterscotch and maple

Finish: Crisp yet delicate smokiness with light toasted hickory wood


"An interesting and unusual whiskey that strikes a nice balance between the classic BH flavor profile and a whiff of savory smoke. There are notes of leather and chocolate on the nose, along with a bit of smoke you might smell on your clothes the morning after sitting around a campfire. On the palate, there’s a dollop of savory barbecue sauce, some cherry, orange and cinnamon, and all of this is underscored by, true the name, subtle smoke. The smoke might be subtle, but the bourbon itself makes its presence known." - Robb Report

"As the bourbon’s name spoils, subtle is the name of the game and surprisingly, might be the right play. By having it on an equal footing with the bourbon’s vanilla, toffee, and oak notes, it compliments without overpowering. This isn’t an easy feat given the potentacy smoke brings with it. Where some whiskeys inadvertently feature a soft smoke note, Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke is purposeful and finds a happy medium that I can’t say many American whiskey producers have quite nailed as effective as this."           - Breaking Bourbon