Barrell Batch 032 Bourbon Whiskey (750 ml) [USC 91]

Barrell Batch 032 Bourbon Whiskey
(750 ml) [USC 91]

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W  Sa About the Whiskey
Batch 032 began with a balance of two sets of barrels: a selection of 5 and 6-year-old barrels with a creamy and tropical profile and a selection of 6, 7 and 10-year-old barrels vatted for their complex, old, woody character. These two sets of barrels were slowly blended over three months. A small group of spice driven 7-year-old barrels with notes of cinnamon toast, coffee bean and chocolate were then carefully added to complete the blend. The result is a decadent and rich bourbon with layers of spice and nuttiness.A blend of straight Bourbon Whiskeys

    • Distilled and aged in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana

    • Selection of 5, 6, 7, and 10-year-old barrels

    • Aged in American white oak barrels

    • Bottled in Kentucky

    • 115.34 proof cask strength bottling

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Tawny.

Nose: A wildflower meadow showing dandelion, nasturtium, and fennel. The floral qualities are intense and concentrated. Late summer fruits round out the profile, among them Rainier cherry, watermelon, and crushed apple. It all integrates seamlessly with aromas of fresh oak, cedar, and applewood, with just a hint of char. The overall impression is that of splitting wood out in the yard when the trees are laden with fruit and the flowers haven’t yet begun to fade.

Palate: Cinnamon rolls arrive with rich, buttery brioche dough, gooey caramel, and a spicy kick of cinnamon. The spice quickly expands to include wasabi and ginger. It’s underpinned by a savory undertone of boiled peanuts, and French butter.

Finish: Quite crisp, with an initial burst of sea spray and lemonade. These fade to reveal lingering notes of raspberry eau-de-vie and pastis.

With a few drops of spring water

Dilution wedges the concentrated floral notes further apart to reveal a whole new level of complexity. Lavender, lemon verbena, and pawpaw fill out the meadow. The palate transforms, with sugars and oils combining with fine tannin, light astringency, and spicy black peppercorn to create a massive, chewy mouthfeel. The finish, meanwhile, is like walking into an old spice shop with the commingled flavors of bitter orange peel, fennel-seed, and turmeric.


Platinum - Ascot Awards 2022

“Razor-sharp aromas of berries, roasted corn, and cotton candy. Flavors include corn nuts, berry pastilles, and toffee, finishing long with leather, tobacco, and nutmeg.”

91 Points - Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2022

"Pouring a seductive amber in the glass showing a nose of dried cherry, bitter dark chocolate, dried mango, dried apple, vanilla pudding, toasted barley, cracked black pepper and black cavendish tobacco. Bold and spicy on the palate with resounding notes of chocolate, toasted nut and dried fruit which linger into the soft creamy finish."

"Intense, complex, beautifully balanced and completely delicious." - Whiskey Apostle

"An absolute banger of a batch, this release is up there with the greats and recent hits in the line." - Breaking Bourbon