Riedel "Vinum XL" Montrachet (Chardonnay) Wine Glass (Set of 2)

Riedel "Vinum XL" Montrachet
(Chardonnay) Wine Glass
(Set of 2)

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Is this a bargain, or what? A great way to start a new collection of Riedel or augment your existing assortment at home, this new bonus pack gets you 2 Vinum XL Cabernet and 2 Viognier "O" tumblers for the price of the 2 Vinum XL glasses. The Riedel Vinum XL Cabernet glass excels in flawlessly blending together the wine's aromas and flavors, bringing to light brilliant concentration, while harmonizing the intense sweet dark red fruit, integrating the tannins and masking the alcohol. The trendy and sophisticated "O" tumblers will perform much like Riedel's preceding wineglass creations, but will also fit easily into the dishwasher or cupboard without the worries of breaking the stem. For those who would like to experience the concept of matching the shape of the glass to the grape without the traditional stemmed glass

Item Number: 6416/57
Design: 2009
Height: 205 mm, 8-1/8"
Capacity: 552 ccm, 21-3/4 oz