Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe (Black)

Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe

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The Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe keeps wine chilled the natural way. (No plastic ice chamber! No freezable chemicals!) It’s a more effective chilling carafe because the stainless ice chamber is a highly efficient cold-transfer material, far superior to glass or plastic.
White wine or rose from the fridge loses its chill and taste appeal quickly. At 80 degrees, the wine will seem too warm in 15 minutes or less. With the Houdini Wine Chilling Carafe, wine drinkers can enjoy a bottle of chilled wine at leisure—for 90 minutes or more. The carafe holds a full 750 ml bottle. The beautiful design of the carafe brings a touch of elegance to serving white wine indoors or out.

Key Features and Benefits
Keeps pre-chilled wine cold for 90 minutes or more
Chills un-refrigerated wine to drinking temperature
Ideal for white wine, rose and Zinfandel
Chills the natural way – no plastic or freezable chemicals
Stainless ice chamber is fastest, most effective chilled
Holds a full 750 ml bottle of wine
Serve wine with a touch of elegance – indoors and out
Also suitable for iced tea and other cold liquids
5-Year Warranty on ice chamber
Dishwasher safe and BPA-Free