Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Utah. We are legally prohibited from shipping any and all types of alcohol to these states at this time.

In Alabama, all wine shipments must be sent directly to a state-certified ABC store.  (The interstate shipment of hard liquor is prohibited.) All customers must complete an Alabama ABC Shipping Form and can pick up their order(s) there.

In Hawaii, we are only able to ship non-alcoholic goods directly to the consumer.  All alcohol purchases must be sent to an authorized alcohol re-seller with a re-seller’s permit.

An adult age 21 or older must be present to sign for the package as it is alcohol. A package cannot be left on a porch or doorstep.

We ship to the following states via GLS-GSO: Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington (with some exceptions based upon locale). We ship via UPS for all other legally authorized states. Regrettably, we do not ship via FedEx.

In the event that you have a contact that is an authorized alcohol re-seller (e.g. a restaurant with a bar, liquor store, country club that has an ABC license) that would be willing to accept a package on your behalf, we would be happy to ship to that establishment (upon verification and receipt of re-seller’s permit).

We make every effort to ship out all orders as quickly as possible once they have been processed. However, there are times when weather conditions can potentially damage the wine in transit. We strongly suggest that orders be held in-store when weather conditions continuously exceed 80°F or continuously fall below 25°F.  If you have selected ground shipping as your method, we will highly reccommend expediting shipping or holding until weather conditions improve.  

When customers opt to proceed with shipping against advisement, Artisan Wine and Spirits will not accept responsibility for damage that items may suffer due to extreme temperatures in transit and will not replace these items at our expense.

We are unable to ship to PO Boxes, since all alcohol deliveries require a signature from an adult over the age of 21.

A 2018 Supreme Court ruling (South Dakota v. Wayfair Inc) has made retailers liable to taxation for out-of-state purchases. As an independent retailer, we operate at the lowest possible margins to remain competitive, and therefore are regrettably, unable to absorb the sales tax.

We make every effort to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.  Please note that, due to the pandemic, we have seen an increase of shipping orders and try to process all orders within 24 hours.  In the event that an item is unavailable from your order, we will contact you and are happy to suggest a suitable substitution.

Please note that not all items that we carry are available for shipping. There are some products on our website which are only available for in-store pickup.