Corporate Gifting

Who we are

We are your personal assistant for getting your employees or clients a spectacular gift, no matter the occasion. With our staff of sommeliers and our excellent fulfillment team you can expect an exceptional experience providing top of the line gifts.

The Benefits

Gift giving is amongst the top way to reciprocate your appreciation to an employee or client. Your clients will appreciate the time you spent and will help create a deeper relationship with your client. In a study by Knack, a survey of 1,000 business people showed that 94% of high-level executives were positively impacted by a personal gift. The Harvard Business School showed in their studies that gifting is a great way to improve the morale or motivation of employees and increases their overall happiness.

"Think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege"

- John D. Rockefeller Jr.


Whether you know what item you would like to provide as your gift or not, we can help you through the entire process from start to finish. You'll receive personal one on one time to make sure that your gift fits the occasion perfectly, helping both you and your gift shine!