Elaine Walter Papaya Salad Pairing Suggestions



    1. Riesling - A fruity and acidic Riesling would pair well with the spicy and sweet flavors in your salad.  I've included a dry option (Trocken)

    2. Sauvignon Blanc - With its crisp acidity and herbal notes, Sauvignon Blanc would complement the fresh cilantro and ginger in your salad.

    3. Pinot Blanc (Bianco) - This dynamic white wine has a refreshing acidity but also medium creamy texture that would balance the heat of the chili sauce in your salad.

    4. Beaujolais - This light-bodied red wine has a delicate fruitiness that would pair well with the sweetness of the papaya in your salad.

    5. Rosé - This refreshing wine would complement the fresh and fruity flavors in your salad, but have the medium luscious texture to absorb heat as well.

    I hope these recommendations help!

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    5 products