100pt L'Aventure, Best Wt Burgundy, Champagne True Rival

There's still stock of d'Etroyes Mercurey Les Ormeaux which everyone I've tasted has guessed it is $75-$100+ (it's not):

"Floral aromas are wrapped in tropical fruit / on the edge of lemon, lychee + ground up stone / Plucky acidity / balanced by clean,pure sense of terroir."
94 Points - Somm Journal
I know it's trite to say it's a "Champagne Rival" but let's look at the facts:
  • Jacky Blot = Under-the-Radar Cult Loire Legend
  • 60 to 80+ Year-Old Chenin Blanc Vines
  • Aged on the Lees for 24 Months
  • Certified Organic
  • 12.5% ABV
  • Only 2,500 Cases Made & 200 Imported
  • Ageable Another 7+ Years
  • Lowest price in NorCal
  • My new house bubbly
"Insanely Under Priced" is absolutely correct for Jacky Blot's Triple Zero.
Congrats to Stephan Asseo for not only another pair of 100-point wines, but single-handedly carrying Paso on his back onto the world stage fine wines. 👏
Back-to-Back 100 Points for L'Aventure + Greatest Optimus Vintage to date.
We told you this was a blue chip bargain. We initially sold out, but more of both land next week!

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