Vignalta Rosso Riserva Colli Euganei D.O.C. 2008 (Veneto, Italy)

Vignalta Rosso Riserva Colli Euganei D.O.C. 2008
(Veneto, Italy)

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Notes from the Producer:

Merlot and Cabernet varieties were introduced in the Colli Euganei in the 19th century, adapting very well to the volcanic hills. Rosso Riserva is a true expression of its terroir and a nice balance of fruit and tannins, softened with two years of oak barrel aging.

About the Producer:

Vignalta was founded in 1980 by Lucio Gomiero who concluded after years of tasting great Bordeaux wines, that anything Pomerol could do, he could do just as well. Colli Euganei, located in the Northwest region of Italy, shares the same lines of latitude with Bordeaux, therefore it is not surprising that these varietals flourish there.

The estate consists of 123 acres, with diverse vineyard holdings on almost all of the south-facing slopes of the Colli Euganei. Of the 40 suppliers in the area, Vignalta is the only one to diversify their vineyard holdings, taking advantage of all of the unique soil/varietal combinations in the area. Colli Euganei is distinguished by its group of bizarrely shaped hills which rise isolated from the Venetian plain. 'Colli' is Italian for 'hills' and 'Vignalta' translates to 'high vines.'