Jeff Runquist "R" Touriga Silvaspoons Vineyard 2011 (Alta Mesa, Lodi, California)

Jeff Runquist "R" Touriga Silvaspoons Vineyard 2011
(Alta Mesa, Lodi, California)

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About the winery:
Jeff Runquist developed his skills in his 18 years of producing wines for others.  But in 1995 he launched his own label with the "Z" Zinfandel from the Massoni Ranch in Amador County's Shenandoah Valley.  All of his vineyard designate red wines reflect a fresh fruit quality indicative of the varietal flavors, particularly for the specific area in which the grapes were grown. 

His wines are characterized by a fruit forward nature on both the aroma and flavor that provides a good representation of the grape used to make the wine. This is followed by a depth, richness, and complexity that is enhanced by aging in small oak barrels. The wines finish with a smooth aftertaste where the tannins are soft and mature.

Notes From The Winemaker:

Touriga is a Portuguese variety that is considered by many to be Portugal’s finest. It has a reputation for producing wines of high extract and heavy tannins with dark berry fruits. Historically, it has been used primarily in the production of Port, but has become very popular as a table wine. Our production techniques have been successful in taming the rough tannins of Petite Sirah and, when applied to Touriga, the resulting wines have been balanced and smooth.