Lagavulin "Offerman Edition" 11 Year Old 2022 Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Islay, Scotland)

Lagavulin "Offerman Edition" 11 Year Old 2022 Release Single Malt Scotch Whisky
(Islay, Scotland)

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Distillery Notes:

The third edition in Lagavulin's collaboration with actor and #1 Lagavulin fan Nick Offerman. This edition makes the series 3 for 3 in Double Gold medals at SFWSC, and last year's Offerman Edition won Whisky Advocate's coveted Whisky Of The Year!

An aficionado of all things wood, steak and scotch, Nick Offerman merged these three passions within his smokiest creation yet, 11 year old Lagavulin whisky aged in American and European oak casks (which previously held wine and Scotch) that are shaved down then heavily re-charred (a first for a Lagavulin whisky), posing the perfect pairing for well-barked, medium-rare steak.

Tasting Notes:

Hints of vanilla, red berries, sea salt brine and Lagavulin's signature peat smoke


Double Gold - SF World Spirits Competition 2022

"Notes of honey and brown sugar on the nose, and surprisingly little smoke upon this initial introduction. That honey continues on the journey to the palate, but then vanilla, heavy peat, spiced dried fruit and pecan join the party as well. No doubt this is a significantly smoky whisky, and said to be the most heavily peated in Offerman’s trio of bottles, but it’s far from the smokiest whisky I’ve tried (not a bad thing by any means) and has some nice complexity to it. You need not be an Offerman fan to enjoy this bottle, just an enthusiast of well-crafted, peated Islay scotch." - Robb Report

"A great whisky in its own right that can stand proudly alongside Lagavulin’s other expressions. Nose: Bright fruits like green apple and hints of citrus dominate, accompanied by campfire smoke and salty sea air. Palate: Whereas the 16-year-old has darker red-apple notes, the Offerman comes on bright and slightly tart, with lots of green apple and peach. Medicinal notes, a hallmark of Islay whiskies, creep in midpalate, quickly giving way to dry oak and campfire smoke. The mouthfeel is rich and buttery. Finish: Long and lingering, with cereal notes from the barley and light smoke predominating; more subtle than the 16-year-old. A little water opens up the flavors a bit, but it’s not at all necessary since the finish is practically burn-free when taken neat. It’s almost a shame to use a whisky this good in a cocktail, let alone as a secondary ingredient, but it does work very well in a Penicillin, which calls for a float of peaty scotch. This one, however, deserves to be savored solo in a glass, where all of its complexity can come through unencumbered. For fans of Islay malts, this is a must, another masterpiece from a great distillery. And for the peat-curious, this would be a good place to start." -