Suntory "Toki" Japanese Whisky (750 ml)

Suntory "Toki" Japanese Whisky
(750 ml)

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About the Whisky:

Suntory Whisky Toki is a bold yet delicate blend of carefully selected whiskies from Suntory’s globally acclaimed Hakushu, Chita and Yamazaki distilleries.

This vivid blend highlights hints of crisp green apple, and subtle oak and toffee undertones which fade into a lingering spiced finish - making it an enlivening Japanese whisky experience.

The smoothness of Suntory Whisky Toki™ gives it great versatility?it can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, as a highball or mixed as a cocktail. If you want to experience how whisky is enjoyed in Japan today, we recommend trying Suntory Whisky Toki™ as a highball.

The highball is an artful blend of whisky and sparkling water over a generous serving of ice. In the 1950s, the highball was a favorite of whisky drinkers in Japan. The Japanese praised this simple, stylish highball cocktail as a refreshing way to drink whisky. They also loved how well it paired with Japanese cuisine. Since then, Suntory has played an important role in reestablishing the highball as a popular cocktail for a new generation of whisky drinkers.

To begin a highball recipe, fill the glass to the brim with ice. Add one measure of whisky. Stir to cool the whisky and glass. Again add ice to the brim. Pour three measures of chilled sparkling water along the side of the glass to avoid melting the ice or bursting the bubbles. Add a twist of lemon. Enjoy.

Tasting Notes:
Color: Clear gold
Nose: Basil, green apple, honey
Palate: Grapefruit, green grapes, peppermint, thyme
Finish: Subtly sweet and spicy finish with a hint of vanilla oak, white pepper and ginger

43% ABV / 86 proof