Square One Organic Bergamot Vodka

Square One Organic Bergamot Vodka

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Bergamot orange is a hidden gem among citrus fruits. Grown primarily in southern Italy and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, bergamot is known for the unique tangy and aromatic qualities of the fruit's peel. Bergamot gives Earl Grey tea its signature floral notes and taste; chefs use it for an extra layer of flavor in gourmet desserts; and in aromatherapy, bergamot elevates the essences in designer fragrances.
With Square One Bergamot, the vibrant taste of organic bergamot is layered with the essential oils of pressed organic mandarin, navel and tangerine oranges and finished with the botanical essences of organic ginger, coriander and juniper. Unfiltered, the delicious essential oils stay in the bottle and showcase the exceptional fruit, floral and herbal qualities of the other botanicals. Square One Bergamot is a surprisingly complex, yet approachable expression of an orange-based spirit.

Tasting Notes

The aroma is freshly peeled orange varieties with subtle green wild flower. On the palate, floral bergamot is wrapped in juicy tangerine and the pleasant bitterness from mandarin orange. The finish is warm from the spice of ginger and juniper.
The Unfiltered Truth
The genuine taste experience of our spirits comes from the organic fruits, herbs and other botanicals that we use. With Square One Bergamot, we go a step further by keeping the delightful citrus oils in the spirit, rather than filter them out. Unfiltered, there's a touch of haze in the spirit and the essential oils will look cloudy when exposed to low temperatures, such as when placed in the freezer or mixed with ice. This is normal and desirable! Once back in room temperature, the spirit will begin to clear.