Chateau de Pellehaut "SELECTION II" Armagnac (Armagnac-Tenareze, France)

Chateau de Pellehaut "SELECTION II" Armagnac
(Armagnac-Tenareze, France)

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Notes from the producer:

Age: 3-5 years old.
ABV: 43% Alcohol.

100% Folle Blanche grown on sandy parts of the Pellehaut estate in the central Tenareze region of Armagnac. The wine is fermented at the domaine and distilled once in a traveling column still. The spirit exits the still at 54% alcohol and goes into oak barrels (20% new). The color is light, the texture is thick and the spirit has plenty of vanilla and spice notes.

Cocktail Use
This can be used in traditional cognac-based cocktails, but it is a bit more powerful and forthcoming.It also works very well when combined with agricole rhum.